# Replicated codelists

This site provides access to replicated codelists which may be useful for those using IATI data. This has been built to share codelists that we find useful in our own work.

The aims of this site are to ensure that codelists are:

  • as up to date as possible
  • provided in formats that are most useful for users of IATI data
  • accessible in multiple languages - initially in English and French, with scope to expand the range of supported languages depending on availability of translated codelists.

Because of these aims, the codelists published here may not be identical to those published on the official IATI site, which you can find here (opens new window). Where codes are withdrawn or changed, we will not delete information, providing as much of a historical log of particular codelists as possible. This is important, as historical data may have used codes that have subsequently been withdrawn. For publishers, current codes may be sufficient, but for data users, it is important to have access to historical codes in order to be able to interpret historical data which used such codes. In future, we will also try to provide mapping files from withdrawn codes to alternative codes.

While it can take time for the IATI site to reflect changes to third-party codelists, we will try to automate updates to keep everything consistent with the source codelist. We want to provide codelists in compatible but slightly different formats, useful for users of IATI data. We intend to include additional pieces of information in a codelist if it would be helpful (while not changing the core information).

You can see (and please add to!) a list of known issues and ideas about how to improve this site further in Github Issues (opens new window).